Coaching Packages

Six 45-minute sessions....................$450 US

One 45-minute session....................$85   US

Contact Joy for a complimentary 30-minute consultation
“Working with Joy has been one of my best career moves. She created a focused, supportive, thoughtful space to explore what was important to me and my career. She challenged my thinking and allowed me to dig deep into what sparked joy in my life. Joy brought insight, knowledge and patience to the process, giving me tangible tools and practices that I can continually develop and explore on my own. Knowing that I am staying true to myself and my values allows me to better enjoy my career and life!” 

“After working the majority of my life, I retired. Faced with a new reality, I found I had no 
purpose, and happiness was elusive. After six months of inertia I began my journey with Joy to see if I could rediscover myself. With her coaching and practicing new ways of looking at my relationships and situations, I have learned to make choices with an awareness of my needs. As I have become more conscious of my automatic and customary responses, I am finding what works for me in a positive way. That awareness is beginning to help me shape the rest of my life as I grow into a new, fulfilling phase where I determine who I am instead of allowing my work to define me. Life-coaching with Joy has altered my perspectives, and that has redirected my life.” 

ICF Approved Mentor Coaching
Graduates from the iNLP Center pay for ICF ACC or PCC Mentoring through the iNLP Center.

Private and ReciproCoach-Referred Mentor Clients 

$55 US per hour of Individual ACC Mentoring
$75 US per hour of Individual PCC Mentoring

"I am incredibly grateful that I came across Joy's information and was able to connect with her as my
ICF mentor. From the very first point of contact Joy has been welcoming, supportive, and encouraging.
I have been working with Joy since the end of 2019 and have every intention of continuing to work with
her as long as she will have me! My coaching skills have improved significantly, along with my confidence (which I had struggled with for quite some time). Her approach to mentoring allows me to hear feedback
in real time as we review sessions together and to ask questions or practice in the moment to make sure that I fully understand where to take my coaching approach next. She has a deep understanding of the
ICF principles and is able to communicate them in a way that relates directly with each client session we talk through. Joy helps push me outside of my comfort zone in a very safe and supportive environment (which is exactly what I need!). Every session we have I learn something new and am able to apply it right away in my following sessions with each of my clients. She is compassionately helping me transform old unhelpful habits and the benefit shows not only in my personal experience of the mentor process, but also in the successes and breakthroughs my clients are having. I couldn't recommend her enough!"