I help highly-functioning adults over 40 live more meaningful and fulfilling lives
by coaching those who:
Have a track record of accomplishment yet feel that something is missing
Are going through a transition, struggling to find clarity and gain traction
Achieve most goals but are finding one or more elusive
Want to enjoy the fruits of their labor but don't quite know how
Seek greater purpose and deeper meaning
Feel out of balance but are unsure what to do about it
Are committed to making their lives dynamic masterpieces

Discover more possibility...
I help my clients challenge their perceptions, reframing to access greater possiblity
Discover more choice...
I help my clients to distinguish their automatics so they can make empowered choices
Discover more insight...
By boldly and intuitively reflecting what I hear, see, and sense my client I invite my client to experience a fresh perspective
Discover more traction, transformation, and results...
I partner with my clients to design actions that generate traction, catalyze transformation, and yield results.